I take a grassroots approach to teaching, facilitation, curation, and public programming, cultivating physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through collaborative creative projects.


Public Works

As Community Coordinator for the Public Works initiative at the Public Theater, I utilize clear communication, accountability, and education to build ambitious works of participatory theater with hundreds of folks from organizations throughout New York City that specialize in after school care, arts programming for young people and elders, veteran community building, and reentry for formerly incarcerated persons. Every summer, Public Works mounts a musical production featuring hundreds of community performers in the 1,800 seat Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

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I teach dance classes and workshops focused on using improvisational movement as a tool for unearthing and processing memory. Dancers move rapidly through a series of tasks, as they are asked to generate without editing. Through constant activity, interrupted by short moments of reflection, we investigate how the body archives memory and what we carry on with us. 

For facilitation, curation, and teaching inquiries, please contact me at